Chhath Puja~2016 Bhojpuri “Quotes-SMS” in Hindi Wishes Chhath dj Songs/Geet

By | November 3, 2016

Chhath Puja~2016 Bhojpuri “Quotes-SMS” in Hindi Wishes Chhath dj Songs/Geet

Chhath Puja is an Indian festival celebrate six days after Diwali festival. It is an ancient Hindu vedic festival dedicated to Hindu god that is Sun and Chhathi Maiya. This Puja is performed to thank god for life on earth and granting some wishes. Get here Chhath Puja Wishes in Hindi, Chhath Puja Wishes in Bhojpuri. Happy Chhath Puja DJ Songs, Happy Chhath Puja Geet, Happy Chhath Puja Bhojpuri Gana, Happy Chhath Puja Bhojpuri Songs, Happy Chhath Puja Hindi Songs.

Chhath Puja Wishes Images

Chhath Puja Wishes Images

Festival mostly observed in Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP, Northern region of Nepal. It also celebrate in Northern part of India but not exclusively like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar  Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Chandigarh, Bengalore, West Bengal and others. 06th November 2016 celebrate as Chhath Puja. It also celebrate after Holi but mainly celebrate after Diwali (sixth day of Kartik month). During this festival continuously fast for 36 hours without water. 4th days from Diwali exactly Chhath Puja start, people start fast and prepare food and dishes for Puja (4th day pumpkin dishes are main & on 5th day main dish will be kheer roti). People are informed that get here Chhath Puja Quotes in Hindi, Chhath Puja Quots in Bhojpuri.

Chhath Puja Wishes in Bhojpuri

According to Rigveda worship the Sun God & describe similar rituals. It is festival of worship and bathing for period of segregation & abstinence of worshiper and sleeps on floor on a single blanket, festival celebrate without any involvement of pandit.On first day the devotees take dip in river like Kosi River, Karnali or Ganga and carry holy water in home for cleaning or purity purpose. Vratin (ladies observe the Vrata) allow to take one meal in whole day. On second day vratin observe fast for whole day, which ends in evening (after worship of sun and moon at time of evening).

Chhath Puja Quotes Images

Chhath Puja Quotes Images

Dishes are like Kheer, puries and bananas prepared & also distributed in family, friend and neighbors. After this meal vratin goes for fst for 36 hours. In villages various activities will be followed like Carnival, Decoration, Sung Geet, Bhajan, Kirtan and others, People also play DJ songs & entertain will continue for whole night. On final day devotees goes near river bank before sunrise arghya to rising sun. Chhath puja ends with breaking fast by vrata ladies (vratin).

Guru Nanak Bday Wishes, Quotes

Chhath Puja Song Download

Once a family perform Chath Puja, it is duty to perform puja every year. Mainly women are worshipers but large number of men also observe this festival for well being, worship, prosperity for devotion and pass generation to generation. Happy Chhath Puja Wishes in Hindi Font, Happy Chhath Puja Best Wishes, Wishes of Chhath Puja, Chhath Puja 2016 Wishes, Chhath Puja SMS in Hindi Language. Happy Chhath Puja SMS Hindi, English and Bhojpuri Language.

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…Anna Delu, Dhan Delu, Delun Tu Samangwa,,,

…Chhathi Maiya Ehu Barsiya Karab Hum Varatiyann,,,

Bas Nibhaiho Tu Sanghba…

Happy Chhath Puja !!!

…Hajipur Sa Kela Lailon, Madhubani Se Dalaba,,,

…Kamla Kaate Ham Hath Uthaeb, Uga He Suraj Deva,,,

Shubh Chhath Mahaparv To You And Family !!!

…Rath Pe Hoke Sawar,,,

…Surya Dev Aye Apke Dwar,,,

…Sukh Sampatti Mile Apko Apar,,,

…Chhath Parv Ki Subhkamnayen Mera Aap Kare Sweekar 

 !!! Happy Chhath Puja To All !!!

Chhath Puja Wishes HD Picture

Chhath Puja Wishes HD Picture

May This Chhath Puja Mark The Beginning

Of Life, Fortune and Success For You

May The Wishes To Make This Day

Be Blessed By Sun God And Come True,,,

Happy Chhath Puja !!!

….May This Chhath, Light Up For You,,,

…The Hopes Of Happy Times, And Dreams For A Year Full Of Smiles,,,

Wish You Happy Chhath !!!

…On This Auspicious Occasion,,, I Wish The Color,,,

…Bliss And Beauty Of This Festival Be With You,,,

…Throughout The Year! Happy Chhath !!!

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