Karwa Chauth GF~BF “SMS” for Husband Wife | Karva Choth Hindi/English Wishes

By | October 18, 2016

Karwa Chauth GF~BF “SMS” for Husband Wife | Karva Chauth Hindi/English Wishes

Karwa Chauth is a festival for couples, during this festival women fast a day for their husbands. This festival is a Indian festival & mainly celebrated in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhttisgarh, Bihar and (in all over India). It is a festival of women for their husbands for their safety, longevity and welfare. On this day married women fast from sunrise to moon rise, sometimes unmarried women or girls also join the fast for desired husbands, good will or for their fiance.

Karwa Chauth Wishes Images

Karwa Chauth Wishes Images

Chhath Pooja also celebrate in same way and similar to Karwa chauth. It celebrate in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, MP, Chhttisgarh. It celebrate in same way. Get here Karwa Chauth SMS for Husband, Karwa Chauth SMS for Wife, Karwa Chauth Love SMS. Karwa Chauth Wishes Husband, Karwa Chauth Wishes Wife. Also get here Karwa Chauth Calendar Images Download by click on option given below. Get here Latest SMS and Wishes for Karwa Choth in Hindi, English and Pubjabi Language Font.

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Karwa Chauth Love SMS

Long time ago in the city of Indraprasthapur, there was a Brahmin Vedsharma was married to Leelavati. They had seven son and one daughter named as Veeravati. She was pampered not only by parents but also by here seven brothers. Once she got matured, she was married with a suitable boy (Bhrahmin). Once she observed Karwa Chauth fasting for husband’s longevity and good will. During this fast she couldn’t bear the hunger and due to weakness she fainted & fell on the ground. Her brothers also couldn’t beer the miserable condition of Veeravati. They know she is very dedicated for her fast and would not take any food before moon rise.

Karwa Chauth Wishes Picture

Karwa Chauth Wishes Picture

All brothers made a plan to break her fast and out of 7 brother one was climb on tree of Vat with mesh and lamp. They told to veeravati that moon has risen & bought her on roof to sight the moon. Veervati sight lamp behind sieve and broke the fast & start heaving to meal. She got all sorts of bad omen. In 1st bite she found a hair, In 2nd bite she sneezed and in 3rd bite she got invitation from her in laws. After reaching at in-laws she founded dead body of her husband’s. After seeing her husband dead body, she started crying and blamed herself & committing some mistake and done something wrong during Vrat of Karwa Chauth. After that she started mourning inconsolably. After a long time Goddess Indrani wife of Lord Indra, arrived to console veeravati. She bagged to make her husban alive. Goddess told her that she broke vrat  without agrha to the moon. Goddess Indrani advised to veeravati to observe Chauth fasting on each month throughout year including fasting of Karwa Chauth & assured that her husband would come back alive. At last here she got here husband back.

Karwa Chauth Wishes in Hindi

..Ham To Bhukh Se Mar Rahe He Yahan Par Aapko Hamari Qadar Hai Kahan,,,

…Aaj Hai Hamara Karva Chauth, Aake Pilao Pani Dur Karo hamari Pareshani,,,

Happy Karva Chauth !!!

…Jo Hame Apki Ek Zalak Mil Jaye,,, To Hamara Ye Vrat Safal Ho Jaye,,,

…Ham To Baithe Hain Aapke Intezar Mein,,, Aap Aaye Aur Hamare Vrat Ko Pura Karde,,,

Happy Karwa Chauth !!!


…Jab Tak Na Dekhe Chahera Aapka,,, Na Safal Ho Ye Tyohar Hamara,,,

…Aapke Bina Adhura He Jivan Hamara,,, Jaldi Aao Dikhado Apni Surat,,,

Aur Kar Do Karva Chauth Safal Hamara !!!


…Piya Prem Vart Ha Raakho,,, Utsav Paavan Aayo Re,,,

…Charan Piya Sansaar Hammaro,,, Piya Mahro Pyaro Re, Shorya, Yash, Dirghayu,,,

Hai Yehi Prarthna, Karva Chhoth Aayo Re,,,

Karva Chhoth Ki Subh Kamnaaye !!!

Karwa Chauth SMS for Girlfriend

…May The Sight Of Full Moon Fill Your Heart With Happiness,,,
Wishing You A Blessed Karwa Chauth !!!

….The Moon Is Shining Brightly…
The Festive Mood Is All Around…
But You Are So Far Away…
Sweetheart, I Miss You So Much,
On This Karwa Chauth !!!

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Fast Taken By Wives…
For Well Being, Longevity,,,
& Prosperity Of Husbands,,,
Seeking His Blessings,,,
May This Blissful Day Fills Your Life…
With Love & happiness.

As You Worship The Moon God…
& Pray For The Long Life Of Your Husband…
May You Be Blessed With…
All That You Heart Desires,,,
Happy Karwa Chauth!!!

Karwa Cahuth Wishes for Wife

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